We Conserve The Human Through Outreach, Restoration, and Research.


They're coming, They're coming, They're COMING!

- Call sign Raven, Call sign Raven. Come in Raven, come in Raven - 

Some of the Earth's greatest persons are threatened by increased monstorial apathy, the cringe of thought, "Another day in the world with these?" As you stare at yourself in a single defiant reflection - NEVER AGAIN!  Slamming the sink, throwing your back against the war torn, black soot covered wall.  Dry, burning, cracking lips.  This flaming, scabbing, scarring, blazing wild fire of skin.  Many of you out there, fighting the good fight from the dreaded Cold Sore.  From the wantingly hidden, creeping shadows of the ever growing, undulating chorus of a thousand haunted voices bellowing in your brains as ten thousand serpents tongues, flame flickering, amber hued, all dancing the hellish dance of your burning world, the screaming world you vow to save! 

- Come in Raven... -

- We are the universal antidote to the inexorable coming apocalypse, but we cannot fight this fight alone. -

- We must have you to help fend off the ensuing hoard -

- Come in Raven, Come in Raven! - THEY'RE COMING! -




The Mission. The Method. The Research. The Result.

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