- The mission.  The method.  

The research.  The result. -

Going public, beginning October 2014, we have led the world wide effort in the search to find a topical eradication, alleviation, to the affliction known as Zombie Lips.  Perhaps you have them now.  Perhaps the very thought of parting your lips seems like an incredibly horrendous decision.  Perhaps to even conceive of a simple conversation is bitterly painful. Perhaps you have the aching, itching dredge of zombie skin burning pieces of your body as you read this.... 

Breathe steady, control your heart rate and exhale.... 

Eczema, Poison Oak, Poison Ivy.  Acne, Bee Stings, Bug Bites.  Cuts, Scrapes, Scuffs, Tears, Chronic Rash, the endless ailments we wish never happen, that happen. The ANTIDOTE is the truly endless repair. The separation gap, through fire, has been forged with this all in one presentation. We have crafted the only single containment, full bodily use, all natural, universal antidote to the human condition. From your every day, cuts and scrapes, to helping fight the more painful and altering, the cold sore, your HSV1 virus.  A deep cleansing, accelerated healing, prodigiously antiseptic, pain relieving, pain reducing antimicrobial carry along.  Your line sight to rehabilitation.  

Military Training and Combat Wounds - check.  MMA Fighting and Training Wounds - check.  Jiu Jitsu Mat Rash - check.  Muay Thai Scars, Cuts and Bruises - check.  Wrestling Mat Rash - Check.  Bug Out bags - check.  Hikers Packs - check.  Day Hikers - Check.  Athletes of All Sports - Check. Professional Athletes and Those Striving to be - Check.  Children Being Children - check.  Mom and Dad Watching Over Children Being Children - check.  Mans Best Friend - check.  

The uses are left truly to your day's own devices.   

- Locked and Loaded -

We are the only company on planet earth today using live cultured Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother as a main staple in our fight against the outbreak. In the lab we have designed an encapsulation suspension to millions of live cultures, all stealthful, all silent, all focused in wait for your 98.6 degrees, to breach their containment, find the enemy and attack!

- Join the Leaders -

We are incredibly proud of our products, our perpetual mission. The Singularity, the Event Horizonal focus through interminable research and ad infinitum development finding for you, from all corners of the world, your path to a better, more enjoyable, more sustainable human experience....

To the survival of all humans! 

Zombie actually works man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has changed my life.
— Matt H. - California


All products made of the most elite quality, natural therapeutic grade essential oil, butter and wax available. Sourced from around the planet.  Proudly crafted in the United States. 


Absolutely amazing.
— J. Henderson - N.Y.

- Of note -

Absolutely Guaranteed. Every time. Any reason. We'll make it right if it is not.

If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients please request that this item be taken out of your order.  This product is of all natural ingredient, many of which are organic.  You need to be aware that weather conditions will affect the consistency.  Cold, it will become more rigid. Heat, it will become more fluid.  There will be on average a slight liquid layer on bottom after settling. This is a good thing as it is the excess that did not encapsulate.  This only works as diligently as you apply, meaning - when you feel a cold sore beginning, eczema arising, a rash forming, chapped lips coming on and you use once a day this will not work.  When you apply as you feel the balm dissipate or lotion ameliorate for the duration of each alpha cycle, the beta follows in accordance.  Do not ingest.  This is not for consumption.  This is only for topical (outer lip and skin) application.  This does not internally extirpate the Herpes simplex.  This only topically heals. You the purchaser by purchasing this product have chosen in accord with your own personal life standards, take full responsibility and liability of your decision unto your person. Consult your doctor if pregnant. The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. The information presented here is for educational purposes of traditional uses and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Read in detail the above. If for any reason this is not a safe betterment of your existence, do not purchase. Thank you reader for reading. 

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